LOGNET. LL  – Logistic Network Living Lab

Studies carried out at regional and local level have shown the consistency of traffic in short-haul segment that still move more than 55% of goods transported on the national context. It was found a widespread use of unloaded vehicles owned by the companies for direct short distance business-to-business transfers.

This project aims to highlight the benefits resulting from the activation of synergies between supply and demand in transport and logistics related activitues as it would represent a winning strategy for all businesses.

Optimize the resource of the transport means getting a lower incidence of transport costs for businesses and benefits for the community in terms of lower pollutant emissions and reduce the rate of congestion on urban and extra-urban traffic.

The goal of the Living Lab is to stimulate the start-up of collaborative logistics processes promoted by manufacturing businesses located in Ravenna in order to create a reference model for the rationalization of the inbound traffic  flow of companies which can stimulate the growth of range of local transport services and characterized itself by its replicability on other industrial contexts. The preliminary activity aimed to create the  Living Lab was started last June.

Location and date of birth: Ravenna, June 2012

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