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Since 1999, the Province of Treviso has been renewing the management approach of school buildings of Secondary Schools, consisting of 41 Educational Institutes with about 100 buildings, with the aim to gain a sound understanding of the building heritage, involve the users in management and raise awareness related to the use of the common good and the sharing of space.

Within this contest, a project has been created, with the title 3rd Generation Global Service – GSI Green Schools, which aims at transforming, by following the example of the project “The Centre for Green Schools”, the province schools into Sustainable Campuses, real incubators for the development of a new mentality oriented towards sustainability and energy saving.

The process of sustainability established in schools is guaranteed by the combination of innovative technologies and active participation of citizens/users. For these reasons, the Integrated Global Service can be summarized by the following equation of sustainability:  AR + AC = -E


AR= Technological Actions aimed at energy saving;

AC = Communication Actions;

-E = Savings achieved by the combination of the two types of actions identified.

Technological interventions will give a new configuration to the school building heritage in the province through:

Renewable energy installations:

– Photovoltaic systems;

– Solar thermal systems;

– Geothermal systems;

– Cogeneration systems.

Installation requalification:

– Condensing boilers;

– Piping;

– Thermoregulation systems;

– Methanisation.

Instruments for energy requalification:

– Reducers of luminous fluxes;

– Thermostatic valves;

– Water-closing taps with timed closure.

Instruments for measuring and monitoring consumption

Communication actions will aim to raise awareness and educate students and school users about a rational use of assets and resources, energy saving, and the role played by the school user in the field of environmental sustainability.

Among the actions of communication, we have planned also a prize competition entitled the “Green Schools Competition”, with the goal of establishing a healthy competitive environment among Institutes, involving all actors operating within the Province Education Institutes (School Principals, teachers, students, facility officers, teaching staff, etc.), to raise awareness on energy conservation and environmental sustainability.

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